Chaussée de Waterloosesteenweg 690, Ixelles 1050 Elsene Plagiarama is looking towards north, south, east, west. Plagiarama thinks that going one mile east is the same as going one mile west. Plagiarama is an Artist-run space: a Brussels contemporary art space whose specific project is to be run by artists, focusing on issues about curatorial practices-showing and creating relationships among art works, and concentrating on the prospects for creation, experimentation, participation and production of specific artworks. Directed by the artist Yuna Mathieu-Chovet, Plagiarama was founded in 2012 and is incorporated as a non-profit association in 2014. Plagiarama's aim is to encourage, develop and deepen new prospects and issues of contemporary art creation. Plagiarama is to be a center of diffusion, presentation, and will support emerging or established artists, whatever their exploration field is. Plagiarama is at the same time a diffusion platform, an exhibition space, a place for meetings and exchanges. Its mission is to promote interactions and dialogues at an International level. You will discover exhibitions in all artistic areas: sculpture, painting, installation, performance, photography... Plagiarama offers perspectives around 360 degrees.

the walk 11 Apr. 2021